Updated Announcement

12 March 2020

Dear Students,

This is an update on the previous announcement:

It has been announced today that all universities in Turkey will be closed for 3 weeks starting March 16 (Monday) 2020. Bogazici University will resume its courses on April 6 (Monday) 2020.

During the period March 16 (Monday) – April 5 (Sunday) 2020:

  • We strongly recommend our students who stay in the dormitories that they go home. The dormitories will be open for those who are unable to leave.
  • Based on University Executive Board decisio, students who will not stay at the dorms during the interim break will not pay for the duration they do not stay .
  • Food halls, except for Hisar Campus, will be serving food.
  • The library will remain open between 8:30-17:00 until April 6th 2020. As of Saturday, March 21, 2020, the library will be closed on the weekends and on the weekdays, it will be open between 10:00 – 13:00 only for book check-outs and returns. Book returns has been extended till further notice. No late fees will be charged.
  • All sports halls, except for the Uçaksavar Sports Field,  will be closed.
  • Medical Centre (Infirmary) will remain open.
  • Instructors should be contacted for ongoing laboratory work.
  • Shuttle bus will be active between 16-20 March 2020, but not between 23 March-3 April 2020. only for Sarıtepe and Kandilli campuses, and also for disabled students/staff till May 30th.
  • All laboratories associated with the Computer Centre will be open between 8:30-17:00.
  • Places of worship in Kuzey and Guney Campuses will be open between 6:00-21:00. Hours remain unchanged for the others.