11 January 2022

Dear Boğaziçi University Members,

Due to mounting cases of COVID-19, personal protection and staying away from crowded places have become of utmost importance. Below are the decisions regarding the course of the pandemic, quarantine rules that were taken at the last meeting of the Science Committee:

Considering the present circumstances, quarantine period has been shortened. In this regard, recommended quarantine period for positive cases is 7 days. After day 7, the ones who display mild or no symptoms can end quarantine. Positive cases who take a PCR test on day 5 and test negative can also end quarantine. People who have been in contact with someone with confirmed Covid-19 but had their vaccine booster dose or got Covid-19 virus in the past 3 months do not need to go into quarantine. They continue their daily routines wearing a mask and watching for symptoms. Unvaccinated people or the ones whose vaccine booster dose is older than 3 months old are considered close contacts, so they must go into a 7-day quarantine. Symptoms are closely monitored in this period of time and on day 5, they take a PCR test. If they test negative, they can end quarantine early.

The quarantine period in our student dormitories has also been reduced to 7 days. As of 11.01.2022, the number of students in quarantine in our dormitories is 22.

16 March 2020

Hisar Campus Sports Facilities will be closed between March 16th (Monday) to April 5th (Sunday) 2020 per COVID-19 (Coronavirus) precautions.

14 March 2020

All on-campus activities are cancelled until further notice, including academic activities (e.g., conferences, symposiums), student club activities, and any activity that includes visits to our campuses (e.g., high-school visits).