Special Announcement for all incoming exchange students

13 March 2020

Dear students,

The government announced yesterday that all universities in Turkey will be closed for three weeks starting March 16 (Monday) 2020. Bogazici University will resume its courses on April 6 (Monday) 2020.

Should you decide to return to your home country, you will need to talk to each of your course instructors to learn if they will allow you to complete your coursework from abroad. Please note that the sole person to give this permission is the instructor.

When communicating with instructors via email, please be sure to add (cc) the following people to the email so that everyone can follow what is happening.

  1. Your academic advisor
  2. Ece Günay, Director of the International Office
  3. Hande Tekin, Advisor for Incoming Exchange, Erasmus, and Special students
    (erasmus-incoming@boun.edu.tr, OR exchange-incoming@boun.edu.tr)

Those of you who will stay at Bogazici University, please consider the following issues during the period March 16 (Monday) – April 5 (Sunday) 2020:

  • The dormitories will be open
  • Food halls, except for Hisar Campus will be serving food
  • The library will remain open between 8:30- 17:00 until April 6th 2020. As of Saturday, March 21, 2020, the library will be closed on the weekends and on the weekdays, it will be open between 10:00 – 13:00 only for book check-outs and returns.
  • All sports halls, except for the Uçaksavar Sports Field will be closed.
  • Medical Center (Infirmary) will remain open
  • Instructors should be contacted for ongoing laboratory work
  • The shuttle bus will be active between 16 – 20 March 2020, but not between 23 March – 3 April 2020 only for Kandilli, Sarıtepe campuses and for disabled students/staff till May 30th.
  • All laboratories associated with the Computer Center will be open between 8:30- 17:00
  • All places of worship will be available between 8:30-17:00

Please note that students who travel abroad during this break will not be allowed to come back into the dorms until they have quarantined themselves for 15 days in another place.

Emergency Contact Information

Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and emergency assistance provided by your insurer. The emergency number at Boğazici University, available 24/7, is +90-212-359 1100/ +90 (0212) 911 60 60 if you need assistance.

Please inform and update your families/guardians and significant people about your whereabouts and remain contactable. If your emergency contact information has changed since you provided it to our office at the beginning of the semester, please let us know.

The Office of International Relations will remain open during the break.

Distribution of Residence Permit Cards will continue as before. As soon as Nilüfer Kırıcı has received your card, she will contact you via email to let you know, and you can come to the office to pick it up.

Ece Günay, Office Director

Hande Tekin, Advisor to Incoming Exchange, Erasmus, and Special Students

Nilüfer Kırıcı, Advisor to Degree-seeking Students