Senate decision on using P grades in transfer

7 May 2020

To the Attention of our Students
The letter-graded undergraduate courses that have been designated as Pass/Fail courses for the Spring 2020 semester in accordance with the decisions taken at the University Senate's meetings on April 3, 2020 (meeting no: 2020/7) and on April 15, 2020 (meeting no: 2020/9), were discussed in reference to the Articles 9 (3) and 23 (3) of the Regulation on Transfer to Boğaziçi University Undergraduate Programs in line with the decisions taken at the meeting of the Committee on Academic Rules on April 30, 2020 (meeting no 2020/10).
It was decided, by majority vote that, the courses that were graded as “Pass” in the Spring 2020 semester would not be transferred into the new program of undergraduate students who apply to change programs within the University (internal transfer) and those who are admitted to the University on the basis of their Central Placement Exam Score. (Senate decision May 6, 2020)
Prof. N.Z. Atay Gök