Minutes of the University Coronavirus Commission

16 March 2020

1.     The chair of the commission will be Prof. Ali İzzet Tekcan.

2.     In consideration of possible developments regarding the pandemic, preparations for implementing distance education programs will begin.

3.     The academic and administrative staff are strongly encouraged not to participate any national meetings with high attendance.

4.     Following the Council of Higher Education decisions on 16.03.2020, the Boğaziçi University students who previously received approval to go to exchange programs will not be able to leave the country. The academic units will have to cancel the decisions taken for these students. Nevertheless, the students will be able to continue with the exchange programs provided that the host university is carrying out online education programs.

5.     The Preschool on our campus will be closed from 17.03.2020 through 06.04.2020.

6.     The academic and administrative staff will be able to use their annual leaves between 16.03.2020-06.04.2020. Those with no annual leave days left will be able to request “mazeret” (excuse) leave for which they should contact the head of their academic/administrative units.

7.     The Aptullah Kuran Library working hours between 16.03.2020-06.04.2020 will be 08:30-17:00. As of Saturday, March 21, 2020, the library will be closed on the weekends and on the weekdays, it will be open between 10:00 – 13:00 only for book check-outs and returns. The deadline for book renewals has been extended to 13.04.2020 till further notice, no late-fees will be charged.

8.     The study halls adjacent to the Aptullah Kuran Library will be open until 24:00 as of 17.03.2020.

9.     The Aptullah Kuran Library will be open only to Boğaziçi University students, faculty and staff between 17.03.2020 - 06.04.2020.

10.  Following the University Executive Board decision on 11.03. 2020 dormitory residents who will not be staying in the dormitories until 06.04.2020 will not be required to pay dormitory fees for the period of absence. Therefore, students who will leave the dormitories will have to inform the Dormitory Managers regarding this issue. Otherwise, the students will have to pay the regular dormitory fees.

11.  In the cafeterias, irrespective of the number of people present, all tables will be available for use to ensure and encourage ample distance between people.

12.  Shuttles running between the Etiler Gate – South Campus and the Hisar Campus – South Campus will not be in service between  17.03.2020 – 06.04.2020. The hourly shuttle for  individuals with disability will continue to run between the South Campus – North Kampus.

13.  Alumni access to all campuses has been restricted: they will not be allowed to campuses until 06.04.2020 unless there is an urgent need of an official documentation.

14.  Students will not be able bring guests to campuses until 06.04.2020.

15.  Individuals who are not Boğaziçi University faculty, staff, or students will not be able to enter campuses until 06.04.2020 – unless they are on official business or visiting a Boğaziçi member living in on-campus housing (lojmanlar).

Date: 16.03.2020

Issue: 2020/01