Letter Grade Request for P/F courses

4 May 2020

Dear Instructors,

If you have course(s) for which the grading system was changed to P/F only during the 2020 Spring Term, some students may request to receive letter grades in these courses. The system will be open to those requesting letter grades during the period May 4-11, 2020 (Monday 10:00 – Monday 23:59).

If you go to “Student Lists of the Courses” option on your BUIS menu, you will see the list of your courses, the grading system for each course, and the number of students requesting letter grades. When you go to your course list, you will also see the names of the students who made the requests on the column inserted to the left-hand side of the file.

According to the University Senate decision, these students can be awarded a letter grade based on additional assessment to be determined by the instructor.


Prof. Dr. Naz Zeynep Atay Gök

Rektör Yardımcısı
Vice Rector