Internet Bursary for Distance Learning

31 March 2020


Boğaziçi University is now offering internet bursaries for students who require financial assistance during the phase of distance learning introduced in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Following the suspension of courses because of the Coronavirus pandemic, universities in Turkey have adopted the methods of distance and online education. To assist students with limited financial means, Boğaziçi University is supplementing its repertoire of student awards with the launch of an internet bursary.

The semester at Boğaziçi University will resume on April 6th, and preparations for the transition to online education are complete. In addition to strengthening its existing infrastructure, the University has also integrated new applications into its online learning platform. During the past week, faculty members, including the Rector and Vice Rectors, participated in ‘training the trainer’ sessions (taught remotely) and managed to finish the preparation of the classes they will be offering to their students.

Until today, the University has provided bursaries to help students cover the costs of accommodation, food and books and to award them for achievement. This new bursary will come to the assistance of those students who, because of the measures taken in view of Covid-19, have been compelled to continue their education remotely but who would find it difficult to meet the costs of the Internet coverage they require for their classes. The award is a monthly internet bursary worth 100 TL. Eligibility criteria have been established for this bursary, from which approximately 1300 students will be able to benefit for the next two months, that is, until the end of the semester. The Bursaries Office has already started accepting applications.

The Rector, Prof. Mehmed Özkan, said the following about this new type of bursary: ‘Because classes are not taking place on campus, many of our students are currently at home and will therefore be attending their courses from outside the university. There are very successful students at Boğaziçi who currently find themselves in places where the Internet infrastructure is such that they could participate in online classes. Their economic circumstances, though, mean that they would not be able to shoulder the additional financial burden. Our aim with this modest contribution is to prevent these young people from falling behind with their studies, young people who will no doubt achieve great things in tomorrow’s Turkey. While Boğaziçi University will be sharing its own resources, we would also like to invite friends of Boğaziçi and especially our alumni to support this campaign and donate to the Boğaziçi University Foundation’s bursary pool, making it a little bit easier for our students to get through these tough times.’

This is why the administration of the Boğaziçi University Foundation (BÜVAK) has established an Internet Bursary Fund. If you would like to contribute to this, please visit BÜVAK’s online donation page at, select the option ‘Burs Havuzu Bağışı’ (Bursary Pool Donation), specify the amount you would like to donate and, in the space for explanations (Açıklama), write ‘internet bursu’ (Internet Bursary).

Calling all Friends of Boğaziçi!

Distance learning is starting. To support our students who need help with getting Internet access…

100 TL will cover 1 bursary

Our aim: Over 2 months, bursaries for 1250 students, totalling 250, 000 TL

To contribute to our Bursary Pool.